Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

Tips To Get Dollar From Your Blog

With blogging, you can earn money. However, the first step you should do is to attract visitors to read your blog every day. Write articles that are useful to others.

If your blog is crowded visitors, it will attract advertisers to place their ads on your blog or website. You will get money every month or every day.

In addition to drawing the advertiser, you can also put an ad from google adsense. The trick can be learned on the internet. Because many sites that provide tutorials about it.

With google adsense, you will be paid per click. The more qualified you are, the more expensive item you paid. Many bloggers who utilize this facility. They earn quite a lot of blogging.

To place an ad from google adsense, your blog should already have many visitors. Because google does not like his blog a few visitors. You should also actively writes articles that are useful to others. can not copy and paste. If you foul then your account will not survive.

So is my post this time. May be useful:-D

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  1. Saya sangat tertarik dengan tulisan Anda karena sangat informatif. tapi saya sedikit mempunyai informasi di blog saya jika anda ingin menyimpan di blog anda saya izinkan silahkan di kunjungi saja