Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

How To Remove Vocal Of Mp3 to Make Karaoke Mp3

If singing is your hobby, There is a way to make an mp3 song to be karaoke file. You needn't buy or searching karaoke files again to get it. Because you can make karaoke files by your self. To make karaoke file from mp3, you just need to have a program. And my opinion, you should have cool edit pro. and What is cool edit pro? In public definition, cool edit pro is sound editing program, you can recording with that and you can do mixing for the track that you have recorded. As a singers may be you should be able to get karaoke file to train your singing skill, train your voice with karaoke file that you made from mp3.

Change mp3 to karaoke is very simple and easy to do, You just do following the instruction that I'll give to you. About cool edit pro program, maybe you can download it by your self. Because it's be on google. Very much references about that. and also, you can download it easily. Okay The last I'll give you about "how to convert mp3 and remove the vocal to be karaoke file" : Click on download link to get a tutorial of making karaoke files


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