Senin, 08 Agustus 2011

How To Be Healthy Without a Doctor

As a human, we must ever get e sick and sadness(disturbing of mental). Very much people finish their phisic problem with medical handling such as going to a doctor or hospital to repair or back to health from their sickness. May be that's benefit for hard sickness such as Stroke and others that you know. But... In this article may be you'll get some tips for healthy without a doctor. With this tips maybe you won't go to doctor if you get easy sickness and you cure by your self. Here I'll give you about "Tips to be Healthy without a doctor"

1. Know yourself, whether physical or psychological
2. No rush to feel sick
3. Pursue a variety of foods everyday
4. Adjust the level of consumption with age
5. Exercise regularly according to the ability
6. Always keep clean
7. Taking time to relax
8. Back to nature
9. processing respiratory
10. Fond of reading health

our bodies have immune systems that can protect the body against disease. Trying a variety of tips to prevent disease to live without depending on drugs is very good. I hope these tips for healthy living without a doctor is useful for you. Thank you .. :-)

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