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Life Insurance Benefits For You

Indonesia is one country where most people still lack awareness of the need for insurance, especially life insurance. The term, insurers have not minded. Most even more want to insure their goods like cars houses etc. than his soul. Talking about life insurance is likely still somewhat taboo in Indonesia, because talking about things that are very undesirable, namely death.

In fact, as I usually say, the risk is not to be avoided, but to be managed. Death is inevitable. Everyone must die. Now, with life insurance, we can manage our risk of death by leaving things that are valuable and beneficial for the family we left behind when he died. So, when speaking of life insurance, please open your mind to be able to talk about death.

If in developed countries like the U.S., most people are already aware of the importance of insurance so that they often find their own insurance, even without the insurance offered by the agent.

Well, need life insurance? In my opinion, life insurance is essential. Why? Here are some examples of cases:

1. By having insurance, I have given food for my family if I died, where the insurance company will pay some money (the sum assured) to my heirs, in this case my family. The money can be used for school fees of my children etc..
2. If I had a disability and can not work anymore, I'll also get the insurance money from insurance companies to stock my life.

It was the second most common examples of insurance. If expanded again, according to each product insurance company, there are many more benefits from life insurance, among others:

1. When I was diagnosed with critical illness, the insurance company will pay some money for my medical expenses. This type of critical illness insurance is different for every company, but the public was such as stroke, heart disease etc..
2. In addition to getting medical expenses, I can also be freed from the premiums, so if I have to pay premiums for 10 years and in year two was diagnosed critical illness, then for the next 8 years I no longer have to pay premiums and insurance companies are turning instead to pay my premium, so my savings on the insurance is still running.
3. In the hospital? The cost is reimbursed by insurance companies. Please remember that the amount of money that changed not necessarily 100%, depending on the insurance product.

Well, it's only a small fraction of the benefits of insurance you can get when you buy life insurance. But these benefits are usually present in modern insurance products are already packaged. If you buy the kind of traditional life insurance, usually the benefits that you get just as in the first example above.

Today life insurance is usually bundled with investment products. So in addition you get the benefits of insurance, you also save money as well. Your money can be withdrawn is called a cash value. So when you die, your heirs will get the sum assured plus the cash value of your insurance policy.

Examples of other cases of insurance benefits:

1. You have a large debt, then you die. Who should pay off the debt? Surely your family will be charged right? Well, the sum paid to the insurance company of your family can be used to pay debts. Please remember this is a very bad scenario! Free yourself from debt! So start saving as early as possible ... You better give a legacy of money that can be used for other purposes than it used to pay debts?
2. You've got a very good employee works. You insure your employees are. Then your employee dies, then you have the money to cover losses the company while looking for new employees.

That glimpse of the life insurance benefits. Very brief, but hopefully those of you who do not have insurance or who had been anti-life insurance can understand the importance of life insurance for yourself and your family.

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