Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

Teaching Techniques for The Teacher

Today I will share information about teaching techniques for teachers. Hopefully this is very useful for teachers who are looking for information about how they teach well. For a teacher, in teaching must know the techniques used so that a conducive atmosphere for learning and teachers will have students who are productive if the technique is applied very well.

Unsung heroes. That title never left shoulder of a teacher. Being someone who deserves the emulated by all teachers and learners is something to be proud of by the teacher. And become one of determining the success of education as well as the collapse of the world certainly is a wonderful thing. For this reason, every teacher to create their own teaching techniques - each.

One of the teaching techniques that exist today is a question and answer frontally from teacher to student. Both at the beginning of class, middle class, and the end of the lesson. The problem is, how to teach these techniques to students of?

In fact, teaching techniques like this actually requires students to know everything. Not to find out. This is obviously bad. Teachers know that students are able to answer the question. He seemed concerned about how his students know, have students understand, and so forth.

Also, something like this will only make the students of learning for the sake of answering that question. Pure to answer questions. So no lessons sticky sap in the brain and themselves.

Another thing that is not less important is the way the teacher asked. Asked the students of the arrival - arriving actually causes a considerable impact. Students become nervous and not even able to answer questions. Because memorization has been flying high all over the beat of the questions from the teacher. Eventually students will be beings who can not afford to think calmly, his soul used to be afraid, he easily forgotten and difficult to manangani own mind.

Until the end, the class was not comfortable. Teachers are supposed to be loved and missed by students siswinya even feared. Not infrequently occurred to the mind so that the teacher did not come or absent. How sad.

So, teacher teaching technique have to really - really given attention. In order not to create a torture technique student teaching students. But what is desirable in order to create teaching techniques that make teachers guide students to pursue a bridge to success. Preceding as a leader, his back as a guard, and accompanied as a friend. That could form a wise teacher and an exceptional student. Living 'Heroes' without merit' ...!

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