Senin, 13 Juni 2011

Tips Appear Confident

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This article comes from leadership training that was held on this day. I happened to also include the training participants. Either directly, I will write what I got from the training.

The thing I caught from the training is how we are to respect ourselves and be confident when appearing on the general public or among the crowd. This attitude is mandatory and must be owned by a leader or potential leader. Just imagine, as to what something is headed if leaders do not feel confident to perform in front. The essence of self-confidence is how we view ourselves. If we continue to look at ourselves we are weak, incapable, fearful, then onwards we will never dare to show our abilities in front of others.

The key is our mindset. If we are thinking positively about ourselves, then we will be able to issue a positive energy that is also good for oneself and others. The energy that is meant here is any energy that allows us to release the potential that exists in us as well as the ability that had been buried and you are embarrassed or reluctant to release him. Most feel ashamed or are not confident of this comes from the lack of which is owned by that person. Well, here's a must on your opponent. We as human beings are created in a unique shape. That is different from others. None of the same with us because it is the essence of human creation. Therefore, in order to believe in myself first of all we must accept the existing shortcomings in ourselves.

Further change is your mindset towards yourself, Respect yourself, that way by themselves others will respect you. If someone can not respect themselves so how can other people appreciate it ...???

"Change your mindset ... The world itself will change itself to you without you forced" (Iskandar Arnel) Saturday, June 11, 2011. Location: UIN SUSKA RIAU FACULTY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

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